Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing in the bathtub... continued

An hour into the practical joke, the Water Polymer Crystals had already sucked up all the water in the storage tote. It was bathtime.

Out of love for the husband who will undoubtedly kill me for this later, I opted to use the kids' bathroom instead of my whirlpool tub. That's at least a week's work of snide remarks and 'wasting my hard earned money' lectures I wanted to avoid.

With the crystals hidden in a warm bathtub, I suggested the kids hop in their swimsuits and pile in the tub together to save time. Any excuse to wear swimsuits in January is always jumped on.

Kid #1 (11yo): Wasn't about to set foot in a bathtub with four other kids. Party pooper.
Kid #2 (9yo): The only girl was skeptical, but donned her suit and splashed right in when she saw what was going on.
Kid #3 (6yo): Was absolutely horrified and disgusted at first. Leapt from the tub and ran like hell. He came back around after a bit, and helped fill #2's swimsuit with gel.
Kid #4 (4yo): In absolute bliss from the very beginning. Reported "this is the greatest bath ever!"
Kid #5 (2yo): Fell asleep on the couch before I had a chance to dunk him. Will have to catch the next prank.

All in all, I'd say it was an extremely easy, very fun way to mess with my kids. Whether I'll feel the same when I'm done cleaning up after myself is yet to be determined.

Thanks for playing!


  1. might have to give this a try, i think my son will love it... thx

    if you got time swing by here>>>

    i could use some advice, thx for your time.

  2. Hope you guys have a blast with it. A warning, though; it was a major pain to clean up afterward. I have two big plastic totes filled with crystals in the bathroom and smashed gel in the hallway carpet. Once it dries (in a few days), it'll vacuum out. Until then we'll just squirm whenever we step on a slimy little blob.

    I commented on your blog-- hope it helps!